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Anarchy Online
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Maps & Tools
Atlas of Shadowlands
Atlas of Shadowlands is the most informational map over Shadowlands(Expansion) and Legacy of Xan(Booster pack) for Anarchy Online
The Map
Atlas of Shadowlands is a map over all playfields of Shadowlands expansion, the major instances/dungeons and the Legacy of Xan booster pack.
AoSL is based on the default ingame planetmap for shadowlands, but it is doubled in size, containes a lot more details and is more precise.

It includes 4 layers:

1. Layer:
Outzoomed version with only the statues and zone borders marked.

2. Layer:
Same as layer 3, but without dynanames, drops and other text except statue names.

3. Layer:
The main map layer with most information. It has dynas with level and drops,
statics with mobtype(M=Monster, U=Unredeemed(Omni), R=Redeemed(Clan)), approximate level and level of boss, plus loads more

4. Layer:
Also called the cheatlayer, contains quest information such as NPCs and mobs with numbering on the quest progress.

If you are interested in the source please contact me as it is pretty large(570MB).
19 Feb 2011